how it works

Start the online BarTune music player and use your Spotify Premium account to play music and configure your jukebox.

Make your own personal jukebox

Create your own unique atmosphere by making a jukebox with your favorite songs. Your guests can request music from this jukebox. Enrich your venue or party by connecting to Spotify Premium and go for it!

Let your friends dowload the free jukebox app

As soon as you turn on your own free jukebox you can let your guests download the BarTune jukebox app. They can use it to request songs that you have added to your jukebox and they can vote on others' requests to have them played sooner.

Publish your event or location in the app

Your location will be shown in the BarTune app. You can get even more exposure by configuring your own personal page where you can add a logo and more specific information. And it's all free!